Some of the earliest beads found date
back to 40,000 BP (Before Present) and
are associated with Neanderthal man.
They are the first evidence of abstract
thinking. By the Neolithic age, the use of
beads was well established and there
was an expanded proliferation of bead
forms as people settled into village life
where craftsmanship came of age. A
variety of beads are found on Neolithic
sites. Many will be from the Neolithic era
but  others were traded into the area by
subsequent cultures that traveled along
the same routes and camped where
earlier populations lived. The beads of
later cultures normally have very straight
round holes drilled into them with metal
tools. The Neolithic people used stone
tools and drilled the beads from both
sides producing a cone shaped hole
which met in the center.
For over one hundred thousand years,
jewelry has fascinated civilizations on
this planet. The desire to adorn oneself
with jewelry has transcended boundaries
of age, class, culture, gender,
geography, religion, and time. Jewelry is
a polymorphism of symbolism and has
represented birth, commitment, death,
friendship, marriage, mourning,
scholarship, sex, success, virginity, and
much more, over time. It has been used
for adornment, healing, protection,
safety, trade and a lot of other purposes.
Most importantly, it has satisfied all six of
Maslow’s needs in a way no other item
ever has.

All gemstones, seeds, wood, bone, pearls,
shell and metals beads used in the creation
of Ascension Gems Jewelry have been
purchased from known and reputable
sources that are environmentally
responsible and use fair labor practices. I
am constantly learning as I continue my
path of reducing my impact to the earth. For
instance, I have committed to not purchase
coral for my jewelry after the  few strands of
blue and bamboo coral I have left are gone,
because most coral is unsustainably
gathered negatively impacting the fragile
ocean eco-system. At Ascension Gems,
the source of my gemstones and the
methods in which they were gathered is
very important to me. Many of my suppliers
either gather the gems themselves or have
gemologists on staff that authenticate them.
The energy of each bead is important to me
in the creation of healing jewelry with
positive intentions. I also avoid dyed,
synthetic, artificial and chemically treated
gemstone.* Many gemstones are heat
treated (carnelian, citrine), waxed (lava) or
stabilized (some turquoise) to strengthen
the gems. Although I focus on only natural
gemstones, some gemstones may include
some of the later treatments (see list
After I purchase the healing gemstones, I
start a five step purification process to
cleanse any negative energy (fear, evil,
doubt, greed..) by placing the gemstones in
or on the earth for several days. Then I put
them in moving water (ocean, river, rain),
followed by placing them in the sun and
then smudging with sage (driving away
negativity) and sweetgrass (attracting
positivity). This provides an earth, water,
fire and air cleanse. Then I align and attune
with the gems and bless them, activating
them to their highest healing potential.
Finally I put them together in different
healing combinations, working with synergy
of gemstone combinations. The jewelry is
continued to be cleansed twice per week to
maintain a level of healing energy until they
find a home. It is recommended that each
piece of healing jewelry be cleansed
whenever you sense or intuit that it may
need cleansing. Protection jewelry like
Black Tourmaline, Shungite and Obsidian
should be cleaned more often. This can
include any of the methods described
above, putting under running water from a
sink, or using sea salt. If you have any
questions about care for your jewelry feel
free to call or email me.

*I use two different man-made stones:
Calsilica (Calcium Carbonate, Silica, Resin
& Dye) & Goldstone (Copper in Glass)

**I use one lab created gemstone: Mexican
Fire Opal (identical chemical constituency
to natural Opal except less water content.
Takes 2 years to create)

***Some Citrine, Agate & Carnelian may
be heat treated.

At Ascension Gems, I stand behind the
quality of my workmanship, gemstone and
materials. If the elastic power cord breaks
for any reason, at any time, I will repair it
for free. Simply gather the gemstones and
bring it back or mail it back with a SASE
for returns. If you have lost any beads, I will
provide replacement beads for a minimal
fee, depending on the beads. I also repair
wired necklaces and bracelets at fair
prices. It is my pleasure to be of service to
you and your healing process. Mail to:
Wakeshi, P.O. Box 1955, Pahoa, HI 96778
“It must be born in mind
that Monadic Essence at
one stage of its evolution
towards humanity
manifests through...the
mineral kingdom.” The
Devachanic Plane
"From myself, I am
copper, through you
friend, I am gold. From
myself, I am a stone, but
through you, I am a
gem."   Rumi

I can make any size bracelet, but usually
keep in stock Small (5.5"), Medium (6"),
Large (6.5") & XLarge (7"). I can easily
make XS and XXL Bracelets upon request.
On some bracelets XXL may cost more.
Bracelets with bead options like the 8mm
Jade bracelets, must include your choice.

I use a Latex Free Elastic Powercord for
most of my bracelets. I have found it can
last for several years under daily use.
Some gemstones can dry the elastic and
make it brittle if not worn daily. I will repair
any elastic bracelet for no charge. Lost
bead replacement will be a fair price.

The wired bracelets, anklets & necklaces
are made with 49 strand coated stainless
steel. I double crimp each end and use
Fine or Sterling Silver or 18K Gold clasps.

I will do special order pieces, but require a
down payment of 50% to order the beads.
                           Jewelry for a Change
All Natural Healing Gemstone's Cleansed with
Earth, Water, Fire, Air & a Blessing. Handmade
with Love. Elastic Bracelets Fixed for Free.
(808) 825-3332