BLACK TOURMALINE: Neutralizes Negativity Transforming it into Positive
Energy to Strengthen Wearer. Calms & Protects. Enhances practicality in
creativity. Protects wearer from computer, television & cell phone radiation.
Eliminates headaches & insomnia. Provides increase in physical vitality,
emotional stability, intellectual acuity & maintains ones spirits under dismal
conditions. Use to treat arthritis, heart disease, disorientation, anxiety & dyslexia.
Stimulates & balances adrenal glands & lower back reflex points. 10mm Beads.
Sizes: 5.5", 6", 6.5", 7". Price: $48.00
TIBETAN: Dzi Agate- Protects from negative energy & accidents, attracts
wealth & wisdom, love & happiness. Provides positive spiritual benefit. Protective
amulet. Original Dzi were 2500-1000 BC, of unknown origin and used in healing
Turquoise- Mined for over 5000 years. Unites heaven & earth. Wards off
danger, clears negative energy & EMFs. Helps stabilize moods, self-realization &
problem solve. considered a sentient being. Color changes with owner health.
Wear regularly for bonding, cleanse regularly! 8mm or 10mm Beads. Sizes: 5.5",
6", 6.5", 7". Price: $53.00
4 TIGER’S EYE: Balances Extremes. Discernment,  Strength, Practicality, Vitality
& Fairness. Synthesizes Energy of Sun & Earth combining Sharpness &
Grounding. Promotes Stability with Dynamic Beauty. Mental Clarity bringing
scattered details into patterns. Peacefulness, Improves gut Intuition. Brings
Optimism & Brightness. Integrates both sides of Brain. Stimulates Wealth &
Maintenance of Wealth. Facilitates Freedom in Action & Growth. Helps move
past Duality into Oneness. Prosperity. Yellow, Red, Blue & Green. 8mm & 10mm
Beads. Sizes: 5.5", 6", 6.5", 7". Price: $48.00
GIRAFFE STONE (Tibetan Dzi Agate): Vision, Beauty, Patience, Mystery,
Elegance, Clever Intuition, Perception, Protection, Discernment, Cooperation,
Intelligence, Gracefulness, Resourceful Gentle spirit, Take chances
Communication. Reach the Unreachable. Rise Above the Crowd, Peaceful.
Agate: Speak your Truth Soothing, Calming, Raise Consciousness, Helps
Accept Self, Harmonizes Yin & Yang. Stabilizes Aura, Improves Mental Function
& Concentration. 8mm & 10mm Beads. Sizes: 5.5", 6", 6.5", 7". Price: $48.00
KUNDALINI: Verdite- Encourages the Kundalini. Access Spiritual wisdom from
ancient Ones.
Pietersite- Stimulate Pineal Gland. Assists meditative states. "Key
to the Kingdom of Heaven" Dispels Illusion.
Bloodstone- Courage. "Be Here
Now" Helps direct Union with Divine thru medi- tation & love.
Serpentine- Clears
Chakras. Stimulates open path for Kundalini travel.
Stichtite- Promotes thinking
with love prior to speaking w/ intellect. Brings Calming Peace. Expands emotional
awareness in life.
Ruby-Kyanite- Does not accumulate or retain negative energy,
Initiates Kundalini movement. 8mm & 10mm Beads. Sizes: 5.5", 6", 6.5", 7".
Price: $48.00
MICHIGAN:  Petoskey Stone- Fossil Coral found only in MI. Eye of the Divine.
Stimulates 3rd Eye & Intuition. Dispels old programming & schedules
Chrysocolla- Provides grounding & balancing. Attunes to Earth while ionization
of atmosphere. Inner strength. Rebuilds relations. Increase love.
Stimulates initiative, optimism, diplomacy & independence. Magnifies healing
energy. Stabilizes desire, vitality, intuition & sex drive. Bestows good luck. 8mm &
10mm Beads. Sizes: 5.5", 6", 6.5", 7". Price: $53.00
ANGEL: Angelite- Balances body with ethereal network. Raises Conscious
Awareness. Angelic Communication. Serenity, Gentle Self Expression.
Serephanite- Appreciate Order. Celestial Contact for Wisdom. Regeneration.
Celestite- Inner Peace, Balance. Access Higher Dimensions. Divine Bliss and
Mangano Calcite:- Love. Helps One Love w/o Longing and Unhealthy
Attachment. Angelic Connection. 8mm & 10mm Beads. Sizes: 5.5", 6", 6.5", 7".
Price: $53.00
DIVINE LOVE: Rhodochrosite- Self Love, Balance and Compassion. Emotional
Healing. Provides Heart Courage to Act without Fear. Helps Release Wounds.
Kunzite- Opens Heart to All Forms of Love-Divine, Self, Others, Humanity,
Animals, Plants, Minerals. Teaches Kindness, Joy, Serenity and Celebration.
Morganite- Divine Love, Compassion. Heals Heart. Clears Emotional Patterns.
Helps to Identify Barriers Preventing us From Being Love. Know no separation.
Rose Quartz- Infinite Peace, Unconditional Love. 8mm, 10mm & Rondelle Beads.
Sizes: 5.5", 6", 6.5", 7". Price: $78.00
HATHA: Sunstone- Enlightened Masculine Energy, Yang. Abundance,
Leadership, Benevolence, Strength. Expanded Consciousness
Divine Feminine Energy, Yin.   Brings Peace & Harmony. Increase Sensitivity, See
Hidden Truths within us. Patience, Right Action.
Pearl- Love, Luck, Protect. Ha
(Sun) and Tha (Moon) come together in Divine Union to Balance each other in
Harmony. Power & Love Unite in Sacred Fire. 5mm Beads. Sizes: 5.5", 6", 6.5",
7". Price: $58.00
AQUAMARINE: Stone of Courage. Protects from harm. Enhance Intelligence
Facilitates communication. Maintains Balance & Order Protects Aura and Subtle
Bodies. Resonates with Compassion, Tolerance & Moderation. Provides
emotional & Intellectual stability for those on a Spiritual Path. Helps one to
always be Prepared. Benefits World Service & Healing. Treats Swollen Glands,
Improves Vision, Bones & Teeth. Helps lungs, sinus, throat. Flat Oval & Faceted
Rondelle Beads. Sizes: 5.5", 6", 6.5", 7". Price: $58.00
TWELVE CHAKRA: 1. Basic-Red Jasper: Survival, Self Confidence 2.
Orange Agate: Relations, Self Respect 3. Naval-Yellow Calcite:
Emotions, Self Worth 4. Heart-
Green Aventurine: Healing, Growth, Self Love 5.
Amazonite: Self Expression, Communicate 6. Brow- Lapis Lazuli: Self
Consciousness, Intuition 7. Crown-
Amethyst: Self Awareness, Spirituality 8.
Blue Pearl. 9. Manasic-Quartz: Higher Mind 10.Buddhic-Rose Quartz:
Higher Heart. 11. Atmic-
Moonstone: Higher Will. 12. Monadic-Pyrite: Divine.
Litib Shell- Vertebrae. 8mm & 10mm Beads. Sizes: 5.5", 6", 6.5", 7". Price:
VIOLET FLAME: Creates action of Mercy, Justice, Freedom & Transmutation.
- Contentment, Positive Transformation. Chalcedony- Benevolence,
Enhance Intuition, Wisdom.
Charoite-Unconditional Love, Acceptance, We are
where we need to be.
Fluorite-Brings order to Chaos, Spiritual Balance.
-Calms emotions, Still Mind, Discernment. Kunzite-Celestial Doorway,
Dissolves Karma, One with Divine.
Lepidolite- Cosmic Awareness, Access Higher
Lavenderite- Awakens True Spiritual Essence, Passion.
Phosphosiderite- Synchronicity, Hear inner voice,  Sugilite- Divine Love,
Meditation, Use your gifts to serve the world. 8mm & 10mm Beads. Sizes: 5.5", 6",
6.5", 7". Price: $58.00   
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