NEPHRITE:  Balances male & female energies, improving relationships. Integrates
subtle energies of Universe into body facilitating dynamic Balance of opposing
energies- internal & external world of one's reality. Protection from attack and
illness. Dream stone, Stone of Fidelity Bringing realization to one's potential and
devotion to one's purpose. Harmony. Used for Ceremonial tools blessing those who
touch it. Facilitates Peace. 10mm Beads. Sizes: 5.5", 6", 6.5", 7". Price: $78.00
SHUNGITE: 2 billion year old healing stone from Russia. Pure carbon that
contains "fullerenes" which purify water, are anti-oxidants, prevent EMF & psychic
attack & treat cancer. Detoxes your body by absorbing & eliminating negative
substances & energy. Boosts energy & immune system, balances mind &
emotions. They infuse your aura with light Allowing only beneficial energies to
affect you. Protects against viruses, bacteria, fungus, pathogens & all harmful
chemicals like fluoride and chlorine. Known as "Stone of Life". 8mm & 10mm
Beads. Sizes: 5.5", 6", 6.5", 7". Price: $68.00
KRIYA:  Apatite-Healing, Teaching Service & Communication. Oneness with
Higher Self. Assists deep meditation. Expands knowledge from truth to freedom.
Enhance creativity. Balance yin/yang
Spinel- Grounds energy to support Kundalini
travel Promotes insight  & follow through. Renews energy. Stone of
Immortality.Emits protective energy. Beauty. Detox physical & energy.
Rhodolite-Balances Peace  & Solitude with Harmony & Activity. Assists in
Intuition, Inspiration & Love. Allows Kundalini free flow from Base to Crown.
Supports energy through chakras. 2mm to 4mm Faceted Beads. Sizes: 5.5", 6",
6.5", 7". Price: $68.00
WOOLY MAMMOTH /STEGADON: Ancient Memory. Gentleness, Strength,
Honor, Stability. Patience, Reliability, Pride Dignity, Happiness, Good Luck,
Power, Temperance Commitment, Telepathic, Fortune.
Petrified Wood- Past Life
Recall, Transformation, Grounding Patience, Helps with Indecision & Completing
Tasks, Concentration Eliminates Worry, Helps Spirit Function in Body.
- Symbol for Birth/Rebirth. Brings Good Fortune, Enhances Learning &
Retention, Increase creativity, Intellect. 8mm or 10mm Beads. Sizes: 5.5", 6", 6.5",
7". Price: $68.00
DRAGON: Primordial Power, Ruler of Elements, Change, Transformation,
Inspiration, Longevity, Wisdom, Supernatural, Infinity, Deep Passion, Movement
through Space Fierce Protection, Courage Vitality, Insight.
Dragon Blood/Eye
- Protection, Grounding, Nurturing,  Balances Yin & Yang, Eliminate
Dragon Vein Agate- Balances, Helps Accept Self. Soothing,
Calming. Stabilizes Aura, Heals Illness, Improves Mental Function &
Concentration. 12mm to 4mm Beads. Sizes: 5.5", 6", 6.5", 7". Price: $88.00  

to be posted

Palestinian Coin, Leather Barb Wire, Magnetic Clasp. Sizes: 5.5", 6", 6.5", 7".
Price: $58.00
ALCHEMIST:  Gold Stone- Created by Alchemists. Ambition, Confidence, Light,
Gold- Master Healer. Stabilizer. Personal Growth, Success, Power
Allows Beauty from w/in  
Silver- Intuitive Wisdom, Truth, Trust, Increases perception
Release Neg.
Copper-Optimism, Healing Transfers Energy, Initiative Diplomacy,
Iron- Tempers Experience, As Above, So Below, Use for Grounding,
Tin- Stimulates Reasoning, Clears Fogginess, Attract Desires, Helps
Lead-Access Spirit Guides Facilitates Fresh Start, Eliminates the
Mercury-Communication, Progress, Mental Clarity, Higher
Learning,Speaking. 8mm or 10mm Beads. Sizes: 5.5", 6", 6.5", 7". Price: $108.00  

to be added

8mm Beads. Sizes: 5.5", 6", 6.5", 7". Price: $78.00
WAAWASHKESHI: Deer Antler- Gentle, Swift, Alert, Grace, Accept, Vigilance,
Adventure, Aware, Peace,  Innocence, Compassion.
Cedar- Protection, Cleans
Negativity, Creates Sacred Space, Longevity, Preserve Sacred to Druid, Celtic,
Norse, Native Americans, Hindus, Jews & Christians. Feminine.
Oak Wood- Truth,
Knowledge, Power, Generosity, Leadership, Bravery, Protection. Masculine.
Together the Cedar & the Oak help the Deer to survive and become the swift &
gentle healer of the people. Blessings & Balance!  10mm Wooden Beads. Sizes:
5.5", 6", 6.5", 7". Price: $88.00
TRAVEL AMULET: Malachite-Protects travelers on highways & airplanes.
Overcome fear of flying, vertigo & accident.
Amethyst- Protects from psychic &
unseen attack. Repels negativity & thieves.  
Aquamarine- Protects travelers on or
over water. Prevents seasickness.  
Moonstone- Relieves jet lag. Protects over
water & night travel. Good luck.
Black Tourmaline- Clears Negativity, EMF &
Labradorite- Reduces stress & anxiety. Destiny. Shungite- Detox & purify.
Antioxidant, boosts energy. Reduces laptop & cell EMF. 8mm & 10mm Beads.
Sizes: 5.5", 6", 6.5", 7". Price: $98.00   
PIETERSITE: Releases old habits, stubborn blockages allowing progress.
Removes illusion of separateness, beliefs & conditioning imposed by others.
Leads to your inner guidance. Helps recognize truth. Tempest Stone discharges
negativity & returns to calm. Helps alignment with your life purpose. Meditation.
Mental Clarity. Helps release past lives allowing you to live in the Present.
Increases personal will & intuitive abilities. Links mundane consciousness to
spiritual reminding us we are spiritual beings. 6mm Beads. Sizes: 5.5", 6", 6.5",
7". Price: $98.00    
HEALER: Kyanite- Aligns All Chakras. With direction can
Activate & Open Chakras. Unlimited Energy. Connections
Citrine- Aligns Chakras  with Etheric Plane. Attracts Prosperity
& Wealth. Yin & Yang Balance. Negative Energy is Transmuted.
Will The only two gems in the Mineral Kingdom that never need
cleansing or clearing. Excellent for Energy Healing. Sizes: 5.5",
6", 6.5", 7". Price: $99.00 10mm Round Beads, $199.00 3mm X
10mm Discs (on right)
 Jewelry for a Change
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Earth, Water, Fire, Air & a Blessing. Handmade
with Love. Elastic Bracelets Fixed for Free.  
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