This combination of the only two stones in the Mineral
Kingdom that never need cleansing coupled with their
ability to help the wearer automatically aligned and
attuned makes them perfect for Esoteric Healers, Reiki
Masters and other Energy Healers. The Kyanite-Citrine
jewelry has been blessed and activated for healing. 14K
RAYS 1-7 Healers Jewelry Options
Kyanite-Citrine Necklace: $64/80SF
  • 7 Rays Jewelry: With Gemstones representing all Seven Rays (Great for
    Midwives, Hospice Nurses, Esoteric and Other Healers)
  • Ray Profile: Gemstones Personalized to Represent Your Ray Profile.
  • Spiritual Body: Gemstones Activated to Work with the Atmic, Buddhic and
    Manasic Sheaths. (prices vary, call for estimate)
  • Monad Ray Essence: Gemstones Activated to Strengthen the Higher Monadic
    Sheaths. (prices vary, call for estimate)
  • Ray 1, 2 & 3: The Source of all Energies. (prices vary, call for estimate)
  • Personalized: to Heal Self &/or Help with Clients. (prices vary, call for estimate)

Just as the vibrational oils can be used to treat the higher centers, sheaths and Monadic
Essences, these healing stones can also be used. The gemstones used in the
bracelets and necklaces for energy healers have been energized by the respective Rays
or Monadic Rays. Consult your
Esoteric Healer for the Ray or Monadic Essences you
need for your personalized bracelet or necklace. Special orders are welcome and prices
will vary depending on the gemstones used.
Chakra Healing Bracelet: $32/40SF
Red Jasper, Orange Agate, Aragonite,
Aventurine, Amazonite, Sodalite,
Amethyst (168, 182, 196 & 210mm)
RAY Healers Bracelet: $40/50SF
Quartz, Lapis Lazuli, Malachite/Jade,
Serpentine, Citrine, Carnelian/Garnet,
Amethyst (168, 182, 196 & 210 mm)
Our Products
"Energy Follows Thought"
Each gemstone has been cleansed using air, water, earth and fire energies. They were
smudged with frankincense and myrrh, placed in a flowing stream, buried in the soil for
one lunar cycle and placed in direct sunlight from dawn to dusk. After purification the
healing stones were blessed and went through a ceremony to activate and instill them
with healing intention.
Energetic Cleanse and Healing Prayers
Esoteric Healers Jewelry Guarantee
Esoteric Healers jewelry is created with all
natural  gemstones. No imitation, dyed or
synthetic stones are used. Each healing the
cord. Should the elastic cord break for any the
cord. Should the elastic cord break for any
reason, it will be replaced for free. Simply mail
reason, it will be replaced for free. Simply mail
the repair and energetic cleanse. If any beads
the repair and energetic cleanse. If any beads
are lost or damaged, they will be replaced for
a reasonable fee. Mail to: Wakeshi, 315 W.
Allegan St. Unit 10174, Lansing, MI 48901
You can make payments with credit cards online
through PayPal or by check or money order to:  
Earthways, 315 W. Allegan St., Unit 10174, Lansing, MI
48901. Shipping and Insurance are extra.
PayPal may not be working yet, so please mail check or
money order to: Earthways, 315 W. Alegan St., Unit 10174
Lansing, MI 48901. Add $5 for S&H and to insure. Specify
size and any special order instructions.
The Esoteric Healers Jewelry is designed to balance your energies (physical, etheric,
emotional, mental and spiritual). When used in combination with an esoteric healing
this jewelry will allow the you to extend your treatment progress. The Chakra Jewelry
works great to maintain personal energetic health. The RAY Healers Jewelry and the
Kyanite-Citrine Jewelry maintain personal energetic health, but also work on a higher
level to facilitate healings for family, friends and clients.     
Powerful Protection Jewelry

This is the best protection stone I have
found because it does not simply repel
and protect from negativity, Black
Tourmaline actually transmutes the
negativity and energizes the wearer
increasing well-being. This stone
protects one from excessive amounts of
radiation from computers, televisions and
cell phones. It provides for an increase in
ones physical vitality, emotional stability,
intellectual acuity and can maintain ones
“spirits” even in conditions which appear
to emit the message of “gloom and
doom”. It furthers the awakening of
altruism and enhances practicality in

PRICE: $40/50SF
Jasper Grounding Bracelet

This mineral is known as the “Supreme
Nurturer”. It acts as a reminder that one is
not here on this physical plane just for
oneself, but is also here to bring joy and
substance to others, assisting others to
release bonds of constraint. Native
Americans consider this a sacred stone
and is used for protection, strengthening
the Solar Plexus Chakra.  Jasper protects
against negativity and helps one to be
grounded to the stabilizing energies of
the earth. Jasper helps to align the
energy of the chakras, integrating their
attributes. It balances the yin-yang energy
(masculine-feminine) and balances the
physical emotional and mental bodies
with the etheric energies. It stabilizes the
aura and brings energy to the wearer.
Leopardskin, Ocean, Picture, Red,
Sesame, Tigerskin)

PRICE: $32/40SF
Coming Soon Malas...