Esoteric Healings = Energy Healing
The healing session will last for one hour. You will relax in a quiet atmosphere with your
eyes closed. You may either sit or lay down, but do not meditate. Do not consume
alcohol or drugs prior to your session. After 45 minutes we will discuss the healing.
Some people feel nothing while others can feel light movements. Sometimes the
effects of the treatment are felt immediately, but more frequently an effect is not
observed until a little later. Time delays may be an hour or up to 3 days. Occasionally,
there may be a temporary worsening of symptoms before relief is obtained.  
Benefits of Esoteric Healing
Esoteric Healing Session - $80 or 100SF **
Health Benefit 1: An Esoteric Healing
will provide physical and etheric healing.
Health Benefit 2: Balancing your energy
field will benefit your emotional body.
Health Benefit 3:  An Esoteric Healing
will benefit your mental body.  .
Health Benefit 4: An Esoteric Healing
will benefit your Soul.
Health Benefit 5: An Esoteric Healing
will benefit your Spiritual Body.
Health Benefit 6: An Esoteric Healing
will benefit your Higher Self.
Health Benefit 7: An Esoteric Healing
will benefit your karma.
Health Benefit 8: An Esoteric Healing
will help you through predictive and
preventative health.
Our Services
"Energy Follows Thought"
Absentee Esoteric Healing Session - $80 or 100SF **
Many healers believe that Absentee Healing Sessions are more potent than healings in
person, since there are fewer energetic connections like sympathy, expectation,
judgment and empathy.  The healing session will last for one hour. Please contact me
by telephone 5 minutes prior to your healing session to inform me that you are ready.
Simply relax in a quiet place, either sitting or laying down, but not meditating. Do not
discuss the healing.
Medical Disclaimer
"Esoteric Healings" is not a medical organization and no medical diagnoses are made.
An Esoteric Healing is not intended to replace your current medical treatment program,
medication, counseling, diet or surgery. Insurance may not cover Esoteric Healing. Your
payment for services will be interpreted to mean that you understand these conditions.
Healings will be done in accordance to the best interests of your Soul.
First Time Patients
There is some information that you will need to provide before your Esoteric Healing.
Please email, mail or telephone with the following information: Full Name, Address,
Telephone, Email, Date for Healing, Time for Healing, Your Time Zone, Reason for
Healing. **
There will be an additional fee for translations and for healings performed
at Healing Centers.