Who Should Have An Esoteric Healing?
Albert Einstein stated, “You cannot solve a problem with the same
consciousness that created the problem.” Most of us are imprisoned by the
limitations of our five senses and the illusions we create. You may want to
consider Esoteric Healing if your symptoms or dis-ease are telling you that
something in your life is out of balance and the solutions you have tried
failed to help. Esoteric Healings can help with problems ranging from
physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.
Balances Physical, Emotional & Mental Energies Inspiring Growth
on Your Life Path
Promotes Natural Healing Abilities Increasing Health & Potential
Increases Awareness of Spiritual Guidance & Synchronicity
Allows Life Purpose to Be Revealed & Inspires Motivations for
Helps With Meditation & Living Harmoniously
Your Fields of Energy
A field of energy surrounds and permeates
all living things. It is the blueprint for our
physical body. Within the energy field of
each person are seven major centers. Each
of these centers energizes or vitalizes its
related nerve center, endocrine gland,
internal organ system and the circulatory
system. It is within this energy field that the
cause of disease appears to be located.
Through training, an esoteric healer can
learn to work with areas that are weak or
congested within the energy field, and by
use of various balancing techniques, can
bring the individual’s energy field to a more
flowing, healthy, harmonious state.
Esoteric Healings
"Energy Follows Thought"
Esoteric Healing Explained Simply by Greg Kemppainen
know that electricity works, yet I do not completely understand how it is to
my house and then allows me to plug my lights in for illumination. Esoteric
There are many things that I know work, yet do not understand how.  I
wiring to wiring to your light, symptoms might include a blinking light, no
light at all or even worse…an electrical fire. When the currents of energy
that flow worse…an electrical fire. When the currents of energy that flow
through your body become blocked, you will also notice symptoms that
your body become blocked, you will also notice symptoms that point to the
point to the problem. It might be an achy back, numbness or fatigue but it
could be something more serious. If left unattended, it may cause the
“house fire” by showing up as pancreatitis, neuropathy or even cancer.

The Esoteric Healer should more accurately be called a facilitator (or
electrician). As a facilitator, energy is channeled to the patient allowing
“electrical shorts” or blockages to be repaired. These energy repairs work
on a physical, emotional, mental and Spiritual level. It is a comprehensive
healing style that can get to the root of disease to balance it, as well as
eliminate symptoms. Esoteric Healings can balance thoughts, attitudes,
emotions, feelings, physical afflictions, consciousness and even deeper
issues. This type of healing energy is channeled from your Divine Source,
although there is no religion or dogma associated with it.
How Can An Esoteric Healing Help Me?