Esoteric Information
"Energy Follows Thought"
A Healer’s Responsibility
The healer’s responsibility to their patient begins with the Hippocratic
oath, “First do no harm.” Unfortunately, in today’s medical environment,
the rapid pace of technological advancement and pharmaceutical
research can depersonalize the process. Too often, it seems, the
modern medical establishment says, “First prescribe drugs, then
perform surgery.” I do not support a return to the days before
technology, nor do I suggest that medication or surgeries, properly
administered, are invariably harmful. I do believe that you as a patient
should know that there are safe, simple and inexpensive alternatives.
There is a revolution in health care today. People are taking more
responsibility for their own wellness, and using complimentary
therapies designed to work instead of or along with modern medicine.  
Knowing that the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels are
all interconnected, healing will be facilitated on all levels according to
the will of your Soul.
Complimentary Therapies
Esoteric healing is a type spiritual energy that works through the
Consciousness, not through the body. The body helps towards its
adjustments, but it is healing through the consciousness that
matters, for it is harmony and alignment that lead to health of mind
and body. The healer is only a channel through which healing
energies can be passed from the One Source. (Brenda Johnston)
This profound healing treatment as described by
Alice A. Bailey in
Esoteric Healing
explains, “that it is the Soul alone that heals the
form.”  The healer simply helps patients to help themselves through
the reception and transmission of spiritual energies and forces from
Soul level and knowledge within.  Esoteric healing may work to
remove blockages and deficiencies in the body’s energy field,
creating health through restoring proper energy alignment and flow.
Esoteric Healing
Recommended Reading
*Esoteric Healing by Alice Bailey (published by Lucis Trust)
*New Age Healing by Brenda Johnston (available through
*Bridges by Aart Jurriaanse (published by Promedia)
*The Complete Ascension Manual by Joshua Stone (Light Technology)
*Frontiers of Health by Christine Page (The C.W. Daniel Company)
*Practical Guide to Esoteric Healing by Alan Hopkin (White Ways Pub.)